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JCI Dragon News

Congratulation all of our new members!

In 2018, there are total eight members induced.
Let us introduce more about them…

Tsang Yuk Wong

Industry: Information Technology

Position: Senior Programmer

Year of experience: 3 years

Job introduction: Responsible for developing, enhancing and providing support for existing systems and applications. Improving web performance and scalability. And being a technology problem solver in the team helping address key development issues and challenges from a scalability, availability, and performance problem resolution perspective.

Feeling of joining DJC: DJC gave me a broader perspective of the world than I would otherwise have. For me, being in DJC is a good opportunity to experience, to learn as a Pro. By involving in different kinds of industry, building up a new understanding of event progress and letting me feel the responsibility of the voluntary organization. Besides, all brothers are super friendly and generously share their experiences in projects, in sports, and in life. It made me felt so right in DJC.


Industry: Wealth management and protection

Position: Financial Planner

I’m a Financial planner in Aia . Risk management and portfolio management for various clients.Duties included financial analysis and solve their financial problem such as life protection,education planning for children,retirement planning.Wealth increment safely for various clients.

After joining JCI, I participated in several projects and felt that this was a very good group, so what was done was of purpose and meaning, and everyone was quality. I learned more when I was planning activities with them.

Billy Lau

Industry: Consulting

Position: Senior consultant

Year of experience: 2.5 years

Job introduction: Deliver service in a project basis based on client’s request. Usually involve business process reengineering, system implementation and study/analysis.

Feeling of joining DJC: Feel great to be part of this community. It’s definitely one of the most demanding society but also very rewarding. Looking forward to meeting and working with every one of you in the near future.

Alex Hung

Industry: Accounting and Auditing

Position: Principal

Year of experience: 11 years

Job introduction: helping clients to ease the burden of corporate administration, provides corporate services including establishment of entities in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions, corporate administration and secretary services, accounting, financial audit, taxation and other advisory services to clients.

Feeling of joining DJC: excited and delightful. always look for brotherhood to share the happiness and sad moments together, and DJC is definitely a place offering this.


Industry: Paper Product Industry

Position: General Manager

Year of experience: 9 years

Job introduction: Produce the products by paper in China and sell to overseas

Feeling of joining DJC: The guys are funny and you always want to do something with them. I feel the spirit of brotherhood deeply here!

Cheng Ka Kit, Keith

Industry: Insurance(Finance)

Position: Unit Manager

Year of experience: 5 years

Job introduction: I mainly provide asset management , personal protection ( medical , accident ,life and critical illness insurance ) , corporation solution, setting up personal or company's Mandatory Provident Fund accounts and retirement planning for clients.

Feeling of joining DJC: DJC is an energetic organisation. It provides a variety of activities for me to participate!
Also ,I can have lots of chances taking a position to help DJC hold events! I assure that my organisation and communication skills must be trained well !
Finally, I am so glad to be one of the DJC member and I promise I will pay more attention to help DJC developing.

Wong Tat Keung, Samuel

Job introduction: Track the progress of the project and lead the project team to accomplish all the work efficiently and promptly. Keep in touch with clients, timely provide feedback of phased results and make modification according to clients’ needs, ensure the project construction completed successfully.

Feeling of joining DJC: The purpose of the DJC is to provide young people with development leadership skills, to promote resource integration, to learn the world's latest information, to foster a sense of social responsibility, to enlarge the circle of friends, and to make a constructive improvement, so that we can contribute to the development of the society.

Chan Siu Lung

Industry: Financial

Position: Account Manager

Year of experience: 7 years

Job introduction: Develop strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing sales reports. Also answer client queries and identify new business opportunities among existing customers

Feeling of joining DJC: I think DJC is a well-structured organization. I can see the projects being held are efficient and effective by the leadership of experienced seniors, which shows the excellent spirit of cooperation in DJC. I get to know people in different categories also learn from them. DJC provides lots of activities to members which can elevate themselves. That's amazing!