Home Message from National President

Message from National President


“Success is born out of faith, an underlying passion, and a relentless drive.” — Stephen Curry. 

“Create with Passion; Unite to Succeed” is the theme of JCI Dragon this year. With the changes brought to our lives by the pandemic, it has become more important than ever before to believe in creativity, passion, and unity. 

It always takes a great team to overcome all the challenges and achieve our goals. JCI Dragon has been a strong team that demonstrated courage to breakthrough, learn new skills, and use innovative methods to serve our society.

“Empowered Leaders Empower Leaders” is the theme of JCI Hong Kong. JCI has empowered us so that we can work together, have the courage and ability to empower more young people during difficult times. In the process of empowering others, we are also becoming a better version of ourselves. By embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, we are empowered to address the most critical challenges of our time.

In 2021, I have faith that under the leadership of President Michael and with the effort of his board of directors, as empowered leaders, we will create with passion and unite to succeed!

Senator Winnie Yeung
2021 National President
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Senator Winnie Yeung, 2021 National President, Junior Chamber International Hong Kong