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Message from National Assigned Executive Officer


2021, a new year begins.

JCI Dragon will start your year with a new big bang, ushering in your 2021 President Michael and his Board of Directors.

With the extensive project history, outstanding achievements, and strong brotherhood, these are the seeds that bring forth the harvest of the future. I still remember the Dragon Dance performed by the Dragon brothers, in which they representing the unity and passion of the Dragon Spirit. It occurred to me that a very strong bonding among the Dragon brothers.

President Michael and his team, with their slogan, “Create With Passion, Unite To Succeed”, have seen nothing but passion and dedication in their direction, I firmly believe JCI Dragon will be in great hands in 2021 and the generations to come.

It’s my honor to be NAEO of JCI Dragon in 2021 and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. This year NOM theme is “Empowered leaders Empower leaders”.  As we are now in a new normal, let’s create more meaningful projects and inspire more young people to join JCI!

I wish JCI Dragon a wonderful of years of adventures and leadership learning in the months ahead.

Ellen Chung
2021 National Assigned Executive Officer (NAEO)
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Ellen Chung, 2021 National Assigned Executive Officer, Junior Chamber International Hong Kong